The Nobody

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book dimension: 6” x 9”

page count: 76

ISBN: 978-1-732902-8-48

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For years while performing my poetry on the streets of New York City, people kept requesting me to write a book about my experience. This developed into The Nobody, a poetic pictorial celebrating New York City from the perspective of a poetic street vendor selling his books directly to the public.  The book is loosely based upon anecdotes from my experiences and I have performed the book as a solo show numerous times in theaters. I also perform parts of the book at my bookstand for the public practically every day.  As I often say, “I’ve got a stage right on Broadway.  - I put my little stand up beneath the street sign!”  

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Everybody knows The Nobody

because at Times Square anybody can be a Star.

If you have a story to tell, a song to sing or a gift to share, there is no other showcase place on the planet like New York City.  If you want to see the world but lack the means, just come to New York City and you can watch parades of all humanity.  If you want to climb to the summit and reach civilization’s peak, New York City is where you need tobe. 

In the hustle and bustle of Broadway, far below the brilliant billboards, underneath the star-studded marquees, at the glass towers’ bell hopping feet in the frenzy of all the action of New York City, The Nobody stands before the world with nothing more than a song and he sings, beautifully. 

The Nobody combines photographs with poetry and prose to tell the story of a humble street performer.  This story is spoken through the poet’s voice, not from the page, but in the city where he draws his inspiration. 

This poet’s venue is right on the avenue.  His stage is on the curb of the street.  With his little book stand, he can move the world as his lilting songs touch the tender ears of the people passing in the shuffling traffic.  In the cacophony of boisterous noise, The Nobody’s exhaustless voice drips sweet music into the rush of this relentless river.

Table of Contents

The Nobody             


The World Comes to Me    

A Stage on Broadway         

World of Strangers              


Diminishing Opinions           

Searching for a Purpose     

We’re All Oddities   

Ways We Communicate     

I Make Shine         

What Succeeds            

Not Seen on TV     

Nothing They Like    

With the Lunatics and Lovers        

Shelley and Keats  

I Do What I Do           


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